5 Tips To Beat The Winter Blues By Getting Outside

‘Tips to beat the winter blues, it’s only autumn!’ I hear you cry. But how quickly  do we go from loving the changing colours of autumn to having had enough of dark nights and bad weather? I wanted to get in there with some top tips before those winter blues get a chance to take hold!

While walking the dog last night the air was damp and grey. Rain drizzled and everyone walked by hurriedly, heads down; home couldn’t come soon enough. At one point I happened to look up and there was a building, lights on, surrounded by fallen leaves. In the gloom it was a warm spark. It made me remember how important it is to work at keeping our spirits up in the darker months. Here are a few ways you can find joy in the great outdoors this autumn/winter.

5 Tips to beat the winter blues by getting outside:

  1. Enjoy the colours – One wonderful thing about changing seasons is the bursts of colour they bring. From the stunning reds, browns and oranges of autumn to the frosty whites and bright blue skies of winter, do make sure you take time to stand and stare. Taking time to appreciate natures visual displays can bring a sense of calm and warmth.
  2. Embrace the weather – I’m not going to pretend to always enjoy the cold and rain but I do feel better for going out in them. Rain and wind often sound worse when you are inside. Get out, walk or run, beat the weather and feel alive! Plus, if you go out you really will appreciate the warmth when you come back in. Cook up a batch of simple, hearty soup, you can find some recipes here and you will have something to give you an inner glow on your return.
  3. Do some sun worshipping – Autumn and winter may bring shorter days but that means you are more likely to see some blazingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets. You don’t even have to get up early to catch them! Take a stroll at dawn or dusk and soak up those fiery skies. When the dark does set in just visualise those displays and remember it will only be a few hours before you can see it all again.
  4. Make it an excuse to see friends – If the winter blues are kicking in for you it will be for others too. Don’t hibernate and don’t let others do so either. Organise a group outing somewhere different, perhaps a stately home or country park. Walk, chat, laugh, catch up and then go for a cuppa. Taking a couple of hours out of your week to do this can make such a difference to your mental well being.
  5. Raise your heart rate – Walking is brilliant for mental and physical health but raising your heart rate will give you that extra high. You don’t have to go running, give something new a try. I tried dragon boating recently and discovered a whole new way to exercise! It was exhilarating and I met a fab new bunch of people. If you have a head for heights head to the trees. I love Go Ape, it’s exciting and you barely notice the workout your body is getting. Cycle, kayak, Segway, hop, skip, jump…get that heart pumping and let those happy endorphins kick in!

How do you do it?

I would love to hear how you beat the winter blues. Add your comment in the Leave A Reply box at the bottom of the page and share your soul boosting ideas with me and others.

Enjoy the great outdoors this autumn and winter!

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  1. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    Love your ideas!

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Thank you Becky xx

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