How To Take Time To Slow Your Mind

After a busy weekend last week I decided to take it steady this time. That doesn’t mean doing nothing though; just taking time to slow my mind.

Walking Brew takes up a lot of my time but is always enjoyable. He loves to meet all the other local dogs and bounce over enthusiastically at them until they put him in his place and he hides behind he. I like to take in the scenery around me and appreciate the peace that nature gives.

Slow Down Your Mind

My mind has been over active lately and walking can give it the chance to go into overdrive. So a friend has taught me a technique to bring my mind into the present. A form of mindfulness. The premise is simple but the practice…well that takes practice!

Instead of allowing all the usual thoughts to crowd your brain; what you are going to do with your day, problems, niggles, the past, the future, your shopping list, who you need to call…you keep your mind in the moment. Think only of what you can see, hear, feel and smell in that moment.

Create a constant, rolling list of all these things. ‘I see a brown fence, I hear the birds singing, I smell a bonfire, I feel leaves crunching beneath my feet’. It sounds simple but stopping the everyday thoughts from edging in is harder than it may seem.

If you do manage it however the peace is wonderful.

Where and When

If you just find yourself with a few minutes to yourself give it a go. Sitting on the train, walking to the shops, hanging out the washing, any where. I can only manage a couple of minutes at a time but that is really all you need.

Yesterday afternoon I raced the sun up a hill and took my mind space time whilst watching it set.

However busy you are, whatever stresses are going on in your life, always take the time out to slow your mind.

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  1. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    Love this advice am going to give it a go today – thankyou!

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Let me know how you get on! x

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