Micro Adventure – Cycling Around Worcester

I went to Worcester for the first time yesterday. Well, that’s probably wrong. You see, whenever I say I haven’t been somewhere before my Mum usually comes back with “Yes you have. We took you there when you were in your pushchair.”

Anyway, I went to Worcester for the first time I can remember yesterday! Part of my job with British Canoeing is to write up new Canoe/Kayak Trails and Challenges. Recently I have been working on a challenge route called the Worcester Ring. This already exists as a yearly race with Worcester Canoe Club.  Google and OS Maps are a great help when writing up these routes but the best information is found by going to take a look.

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Heading to Worcester

I’m not the best paddler but I can ride a bike pretty well. So I hit the towpaths and my colleagues took to the water. Between us we were able to glean lots of information about the route and take some great pics for the guide.

On top of this we got to speak to some of the lovely employees and volunteers from the Canal and River Trust. They were super helpful and interested in what we were doing.

The going was pretty rough for my borrowed bike and we got caught in one pretty epic downpour. This didn’t dampen my enjoyment though. I love the history of the canals. The flow of stories from their construction and industrial use through to their use as leisure resources today fascinates me. These man-made waterways changed the economy and landscape of Britain.

A Great Day At Work

As we headed back to Nottingham, tired but happy, I reflected on how much I had seen in such a little time. Worcester looked like a charming city but it was the surrounding area which I really took to. The route took me from built up areas out to the pretty village of Dunhampstead and the spa town of Droitwich. In-between lay open fields and occasional glimpses of the Malvern hills.

I borrowed a Specialized Dolce bike, which coped admirably with the terrain and was very comfortable.

As always, I think that exploring under your own steam is the best way to see an area. Whether on two wheels, under paddle power or on foot, this is a great area for an adventurous day out.

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  1. Clare Rice says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever been in that neck of the woods – in or out of a pushchair!! But you make it sound very tempting Cadi! Xx

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      You really should go. Worcester and Droitwich have some gorgeous old buildings xx

  2. Margaret Lambert says:

    Glad you had such an enjoyable day. X

  3. Alazona says:

    How was the Dolce bike?

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