Video: A Walk and a Wild Swim


Has anyone noticed it has been hot lately?! I’m not complaining, I will gladly sacrifice a good nights sleep for some sunshine. Plus, it meant a wild swim was a the perfect addition to our walk today.

I met my sister in Hope and we planned a fairly gentle (for us) six mile walk. Sian is recovering from surgery so can only do twice as much exercise as the average person, as a pose to her usual quadruple amount.

Anyone who has walked up Win Hill will know that it isn’t the gentlest of gradients but you are rewarded my great views from the top.

A Swim To Cool Off

Our route was then to take us over to Hollins Cross, before descending back into Hope. All we had to do was turn left at the cross. To the right however, was Ladybower Reservoir. We had two dogs with us and Sprite, the border collie, was really feeling the heat, with her thick coat weighing her down. Perhaps it would be a good idea to nip down to the reservoir and let her cool off?

Being  a wonderful and caring sister I dragged Sian down a steep footpath in the forest, towards the water. Passing the ruins of long forgotten houses, possibly remains of the outskirts of the sunken village of Ashopton.  We were rewarded by finding a lovely, secluded spot by the River Ashop. I have to admit Sian is braver than I am. In no time she was shedding clothes (no, not all of them!) and taking a swim. In no time again she was back out! It was a tad cold.

Me Next

There was no way I could be outdone by my sister. The Lambert girls are known to be mildly competitive. It was my turn to hit the water.

Wow! As I waded in the cold actually hurt my legs. I managed to swim for about thirty seconds before beating a hasty retreat. Boy, did that cold make your skin feel alive. As soon as I was out I went back in for a second go. Sprite seemed to think this was all a great idea too. Brew chose to stay on stick finding patrol, safely on shore.

We may have been dripping wet but we certainly felt cooler on the hike back to Hope. What a fantastic micro-adventure.

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