Nepal and Tibet Trekking Expedition, May 2015

Nepal and Tibet, Trekking, May 2015

In 2015 I was privileged enough to be invited on a trip to Nepal and Tibet. Essentially I was taking the place of my late partner. He had lost his life to suicide the year before and would have been on this adventure with his friends.

This was no package holiday. Colin, who organised the trip, has a huge wealth of experience in the travel industry. He had organised this trip through his knowledge and contacts. It was a bespoke itinerary which would take us into Nepal and then out to Tibet. There we would visit Everest base camp and trek the Mount Kailash kora, amongst visiting many other amazing places.

I had been to Nepal once before and trekked to Everest base camp from the Nepalese side. It was my first experience of true adventure travel and I was hungry to go back for more.

Tibet is under enforced Chinese rule and not an easy place to travel through. Their iron grip on the country extends to travellers. It took a huge amount of work and planning for this expedition to come to fruition.

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A Slight Hitch In The Plan

The day before we were due to fly out to Kathmandu a huge earthquake hit the area. It was only through Colin’s persistence and (sorry Colin) stubbornness, that we were still able to fly out at all. Colin had been thwarted in this trip once before and he was not going to allow it to happen again.

From the moments we thought we may never land at Kathmandu, the experiences of an earthquake torn country, experiencing Chinese people management and trekking to the highest altitude I have ever reached. On the following pages you can read the story of this tough, beautiful and emotional adventure.

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