Run For Fun – 5 New Ways to Love Your Running

 I love running and keep it interesting by looking for ways to run for fun. Running doesn’t always have to be about speed and distance. It can be a great way to explore and play. Here are a few of the ways I put a twist on the standard run to turn it into a run for fun!

5 Ways to Run for Fun

1. Runsplore

A great way to run for fun is to stop and do some exploring along the way. Choose a route local to you which takes in some interesting features you’ve never taken time to look at before. Go out dressed for a steady run, with stopping in mind – you might want an extra layer in a pack in winter. There is an old RAF base near where I live, with a footpath across it. Earlier this year I took some time to have nosy at the, now overgrown, parade ground and bunkers. It also prompted me to go away and read about the history of the base – meaning I’ve got lots of useless facts to bore people with over a post-run coffee!

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2. Running Errands

Run out of milk? Need to pick up a parcel? Don’t jump in the car or amble to the shops – pull on your running shoes instead! Even if your trip is just a mile or two, you’ll feel better and get your errands done quicker – winning! Commuter running packs aren’t terribly expensive and are perfect for a comfortable running errands experience. At my local shop you can now refill your washing up liquid, shampoo and washing machine liquids if you take your own container. If I run to do this I am helping the environment in two ways at once! I wouldn’t recommend running errands when buying eggs or fizzy drinks though, unless you’re a very smooth runner.

3. Run Tourism

In a new area? Whether you’re on holiday, visiting friends or away for work, run tourism is perfect for exploring a new place. If you’re not sure where to go some apps and websites like OS Maps and Map My Run have routes other users have added. Personally, I love to plot my own routes and both these apps allow you to do that too. I had a fantastic time in the Czech Republic and Slovakia recently, exploring national parks whilst running but you can do this in cities too. Getting up early and being a run tourist in a big city is a lovely way to see it without all the crowds around. Give yourself plenty of time to take in the sights and don’t forget to take pictures!

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4. Runcaching

A giant treasure hunt all around the country! Sound like fun? It is! The geocaching app allows you to navigate towards hidden caches in thousands of locations. You can read more about how geocaching works here. It’s a brilliant way to make your run for fun more interesting. Be careful though, it’s a bit addictive!

5. Plogging

Us runners love being outdoors but it can be frustrating when we see litter everywhere. Instead of running past the problem we can all help to sort it out. Plogging is a new term for combining jogging with picking litter up. You could set yourself a target of five pieces of litter per run or just go on one run dedicated to litter picking. Get a group of runners together for a plog and you’ll be amazed at the difference you make!

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Run for Fun – useful stuff to know!

Wherever you’re doing your run for fun, if you’re going alone, it’s good to let someone know where you’re going. Just to be safe. If you’ve chosen or plotted a route on an app you can even send someone the GPX file of your route.

Don’t forget to charge up your phone if you’re planning on using it for photos and navigation. I take a back up charge pack – I’d hate to miss out on great pics!

A running backpack is far more comfy than a standard one. They come in lots of sizes and you don’t have to spend a fortune. If you’re stopping a lot it’s always good to have an extra layer in your pack, as well as your all important snacks and drinks!

Finally, get out there and have fun! That’s what running is all about after all.

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  1. Suz says:

    Fab idea! I love running when on holiday in a new place especially…had never heard of plogging ?? Thanks, Suz.

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Glad you like it! Enjoy your running for fun! ☺️

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