I’m off for a run – around Malta!

A few weeks ago I had a nice weekend. To be honest I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a nice weekend. And that was the problem. Nice weekends just aren’t enough for me. I needed something to look forward to. A little holiday. So I booked flights to Malta. Blue seas and beaches, what more could someone want from a holiday? Well, with me I also want action! So I’m not going to sit on the beach. I’m going to run around the entire coastline.

Better get ready

I booked my flights to Malta around 7 weeks ago. In that time life has been very busy. I have packed the time with my usual running, cycling, walking and swimming antics, whilst balancing this with nights out with friends. I’ve taken up white water raft race training (more on that in another blog…amazing!) and been on questionable first dates – as well as nice ones.

Last week Brew and I moved house (my fifth house move in as many years); I feel I have turned getting crazy amounts of stuff into a small space into an art form! On top of that my wonderful Mum is very sick in hospital, meaning regular evening trips to visit and hear that ‘at least the Dr today was better than Bitch Face yesterday’. Love you Mum!

In amongst this I have somehow planned this trip.  Plotting my running route and placing it and maps on my GPS, booking various Air BnB accommodation and getting insurance. One of the hardest things has been finding a rucksack which doesn’t shred my back (not sure if I have found one yet).  Rucksacks can be super comfy when walking but turn into a painful chaffing device when you start to run with them.

Oh hi Malta!

Suddenly the trip is here! When I booked it I had thought people might want to join me but it turns out that running almost 100 miles in 4 days is not everyone’s idea of a holiday. Who knew?!

With barely enough time to catch my breath in the last few weeks I haven’t had time for nerves. But I’m feeling a few now! Having failed to run across Iceland I really want this trip to be a success. My rucksack will be nowhere near as heavy as Iceland, I’m hoping it weighs around 10kg. I have been working on my upper body strength in the hope that my back won’t get sore.

Tomorrow morning I get up at silly ‘o’ clock and fly out, literally hitting the ground running, with 15 miles to cover the first afternoon. I will take my time in the daytime to enjoy the scenery and hopefully jump in the sea. In the evenings I will reward myself with good food and beer.

This is also the last trip for my much treasured passport. It has spent the last few years being beautifully adorned with various visas. Soon it will retire and a new one will need to be filled!

I will be sharing my trip on social media, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This is certainly going to be an adventure…wish me luck!

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Steph says:

    Sounds great! Malta is lovely- enjoy! X

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Thank you. Can’t wait to get in the sea! x

  2. Richard Lay says:

    Good luck you AdventurousGirl. Dont forget about returning across the Atlantic to bicycle. Canada and USA have great routes, less steep and less hot than Cuba and La Farola. I am currently spinning across the Erie Canalway, a 400 mile linear park and trail from Buffalo to Albany, New York
    Richard Lay

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Thank you Richard. I really need to get back out cycle touring. I am hoping to do a tour of Japan in the next couple of years.
      I will look up the Erie Canalway, sounds great, enjoy!

  3. Pete says:

    Good luck on the ?? Malta trip ??

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Thank you ?

  4. wheresmelnow says:

    Good luck! This is going to be amazing! ❤

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Thank you. My gosh this heat is tough! I will be setting off early tomorrow morning!

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