Non-Runners – A No Pressure Running Group

Next Thursday (12th January) join the new Non-Runners Group at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont.

We all know we should exercise but there are often so many mental and physical obstacles which stop us. All sorts of worries can play on our minds: Can I do it? Will people laugh at me? What if I am the worst in the group? What gear do I need? The list goes on.

I wanted to start a group that takes all those worries away. A group which makes getting fitter more accessible to people.

Why Non-Runners?

Not long before Christmas I met a friend for coffee. She told me (using hand signals because saying the words was too scary!) that she would like to give running a try and maybe even train up for a 5k.

I have seen friends, in recent years, who have gone from telling me they ‘can’t run’ to running 10k races and half marathons. Sometimes it just takes the right introduction to make things click. I’m hoping I can help people to find that click.

What Will The Group Do?

The group will be designed to get people speed walking, jogging or running – whatever they feel comfortable with – for 45 minutes.

Nobody has to run if they don’t want to but I will be getting people to raise their heart rates and get a little fitter. If you do want to set yourself an aim e.g. a 5k run later in the year, then we can work towards that.

The emphasis is on fun fitness and you don’t need to bring any fancy running gear. Wear trainers and clothes you feel comfortable in and bring a small torch or head torch if you can.

Our first group will be meeting at the National Water Sports Centre at 5.30pm on Thursday 12th January. For the correct entrance and car park follow the signs for the Gym and British Canoeing (postcode NG12 2LU). We will gather by the entrance for The Gym.

Come along, meet new people, chat and laugh…who knows where Non-Runners might take you?

If you are interested, or know anyone else who might be and have any questions, please drop me a line:

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