#RunningHomeForChristmas an update

It’s been a while since I posted about the #RunningHomeForChristmas Challenge. With only a week to go until the challenge starts I wanted to give you all an update on my plans. 


The #RunningHomeForChristmas Challenge is a personal challenge which I have opened up to anyone who wants to join in. Designed to encourage everyone to leave the stresses which Christmas can bring behind and get outside. 

The challenge is simple, choose a distance which is at least slightly challenging for you, plot yourself a route (one way, not circular or out and back) and run home for Christmas.

You can read more about the challenge and why I am doing mine here.

Route planning with Karen

My challenge

You can run your challenge any day from December 22nd – 24th. As I am no longer working on the 24th I have decided to do mine on Christmas Eve. I set myself the challenge of running a full marathon distance…I must be mad!

My run will take me from my home to my parents home with a big loop in to get the distance right. Mainly I will be running off road and I’ll be joined by my awesome friend Karen, my family and running club members on different parts of my route. Brew Dog will be setting off with me and will do as much of the run as I think he is enjoying. My parents will be on hand to whisk him off in the car if his paws get tired!

Fly through of my route

And what about you?

I was blown away by how many of you responded to my first post. Far more people than I expected are taking up the challenge and I can’t wait to follow your runs and see you using the #RunningHomeForChristmas tag.

I like to believe I’m pretty tough but one lady who contacted me about the challenge bought a tear to my eye. She shared her story about why running is so important in her life. Having seen my blog post on the Notts Women Runners page, she mentioned the challenge to her running club. And they decided to take it on in style!! On the 23rd a group of them will be running to the ‘home’ of their running club, via different members homes. Not only that but they are having medals made up…amazing!!!

I am so happy that this group and many others will be getting into the spirit of Christmas by enjoying running!

Ready, Steady, Run Home!

My route is plotted and friends and family are primed and ready. But am I? I have really struggled to get the longer runs in as winter has set in.

A couple of weeks ago I hit my running distance target for the year; 1500 miles! I was pretty pleased with that and am still running 25-35 miles per week but I don’t feel marathon fit. So, I will just be taking the run easy, walking if I need to at times and enjoying spending time with others.

Brew Dog helping me plan

Sneak peak of 2019

What comes after #RunningHomeForChristmas? I have a few ideas in the pipeline for 2019 and am getting excited about next year already. Firstly, I’ve agreed to take on the 65km Four Inns Ultra in April with two colleagues. that should keep my running up!

I also might be joining a pretty fun two week cycle with some pretty cool social media pals. I can’t say too much but it involves superheroes! 

Plus, another friend and I are considering a cycle tour of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. 

There are sure to be many more adventures thrown into my path along the way. That’s exactly the way I like it! But for now, keep letting me know about your #RunningHomeForChristmas plans. It’s going to be a fun few days!

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  1. Steph Cooke says:

    Looking forward to it- I am also doing my challenge on Christmas Eve and have a route planned out! Not as long as yours though- it’s 21 miles and I will probably be walking most of it!

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Wow, that’s a pretty impressive distance! Good luck, enjoy and let me know how it goes! x

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