2019: 5 Years On – Moving forward, glancing back

How is it February already? It seems only yesterday I was going to sit down and blog about my plans for 2019. And now, suddenly, we are one month in.  All week I have been thinking about this blog piece. What to write…how to put the two things I wanted to write about together. So here are the two things I wanted to write about: 

  • My plans for 2019
  • The 5 year anniversary

And here is me trying to write about them together…

On the 4th February it will be five years since life changed completely. Five years since ‘normal’ flew out of the window. Five years since my partner took his own life. When I started the An Adventurous Girl blog it was to move forward. Therefore, although I have referred to this life altering time in this blog, the story of the time itself sits in my old blog Cadi2014: The Journey Back from Grief to Life .

Usually, on the anniversary I take the day off work. Spend some time reflecting with family and friends. But this year a colleague was trying to pin down a meeting. As the words ‘Monday 4th will be fine’ came from my mouth a lightening spike of memory shot across my brain. But the words were out. So on Monday I will be at work. And my Mum will be in Sheffield having radiotherapy on her brain. It’s going to be a strange day.

So how is that relevant to my 2019?

What happened back in 2014 made me who I am today. Not just that of course. My life has been shaped by thousands of experiences and people. But that one really was a biggie. It was a turning point where I had to choose between being consumed by the past or celebrating the future.

And celebrate I do. Each day, each week, each year bring new experiences. Fantastic adventures and challenges with awesome people. And all sparked by the adventurous spirit of someone no longer here.

Last year was a great one in terms of those adventures. Attempting to run across Iceland followed by managing a pretty epic solo run around Malta, taking up a new sport – white water raft racing and finishing the year with an awesome Running Home for Christmas, self-made marathon. So how am I going to top that this year??

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2019: This is going to be amazing!

Have you got plans for the year? I really hope so. We should all have something to look forward to. If you haven’t got anything then get planning! Life’s too short to let it drift by. I’m super excited for my 2019. Here are a few reasons why:

30th & 31st March – First white water raft racing competition…in Romania!

Wouldn’t want to do things by halves now would I?! I said to a friend recently ‘if you’d told me a year ago I would be going raft racing in Romania in 2019 I’d have laughed’. But I am loving this new sport! Under the great guidance of Beth, I have learnt so much in the last few months. Despite the freezing winter evenings I’ve enjoyed every adrenaline filled punch of cold water in the face! There are 13 of us heading to Romania, including my friends Steph, who was also on Run Iceland and Kellie. It’s gonna be a blast!

6th April – First team ultra run. 

When my colleague, Craig, suggested the Four Inns Ultra I jumped at the idea. A tough 65 km (40 mile) starting at Holmbridge in Yorkshire and finishing in Buxton, Derbyshire. Taking in some of the Peak District’s finest peat bogs and passes! We quickly recruited a third colleague, Anna, to the team. Our first team training run, in snow and bog, proved tough and hilarious in equal measure!

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Summer – An awesome cycling adventure.

I can’t say too much about this yet as it’s someone else’s idea. But it involves some wicked Instagram friends, superhero outfits, Scotland and cycling. Oh yeah and it will be tons of fun!

28th September – Ochil Ultra; Stirling to Perth

Well, there’s always more running isn’t there? I’ve agreed to another ultra with my sister in law, Emily, and this will be our longest yet! The Ochil Ultra is 50 miles of stunning running from Stirling University to Central Perth in Scotland. That should keep me training all summer!

And the rest!

The wonderful thing about living a life of adventure is that more fantastic things pop up all the time! I’m lucky to have the freedom in my life to do what I want when I want (if money allows). I treasure that time and freedom more than anything. And it means that when someone else comes up with an epic adventure idea I can always say ‘yes’! Watch this space.

So what’s your point Cadi?

Five years has gone by in a heartbeat. I run. A lot. Some people say I’m running away. And I think ‘maybe, but it’s better than standing still’. Because moving forward is so important to me. You can’t run away from the pain of the past, it’s always going to catch you up. But I have learnt to take the pain along for the ride. To show it that sorrow doesn’t have to stop a life. Turning sorrow into joy is the most perfect thing you can do.

Let’s all have an awesome 2019!!!

Cadi2014: The Journey Back from Grief to Life .

The person who showed me adventure.

Never Miss An Adventure!

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  1. Kt says:

    I was thinking of you on Monday, Cadi. (Didn’t send this on the day as didn’t want to intrude. If you recall, I have posted a few comments before and also introduced myself to you in West Bridgford a year or so ago.)

    Exciting to see all your plans for 2019!

    Love Katie x

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Hi Katie, of course I remember you! You always post such lovely comments to me and it was great to meet you in person.
      Thank you so much for thinking of me. I really do appreciate that.
      I hope all is well with you xx

  2. Thoughts are with you as you must have faced some incredibly tough times over the past five years… sending positive thoughts for your mum too xx

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Thank you so much xx

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