5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Smiling During Covid 19

Staying mentally and physically healthy during the Covid 19 period is going to be important to all of us.  For most of us the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of information and the dawning realisation that life is about to change. With so much news and online chatter it can be hard to focus on ourselves. Here are five top tips to help clear your head and put a smile on your face.

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Covid 19

1. Celebrate the good stuff

I live by the mantra that most people are generally good. It’s so easy to read and hear information and feel negative about our fellow humans. But it’s terrible for our mental health to focus in on and share the negatives. The wonderful thing is there are so many good news stories out there too! Make a point of seeking out and sharing the good news.

I’ve started following the Good News Movement on Instagram for a daily dose of happiness. But there are lots of other options out there for getting your happy fix. From Chris Packham’s Self Isolating Bird Club on Twitter, to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place website and podcast and Steve Backshall’s offer of home schooling help, there are simply loads of ways you can find a little happy out there.

Please also remember, if people are panicking it is because they are scared. Have sympathy for those who are afraid. Be kind and patient with others. Most importantly remember that smiles are more contagious than Covid 19. Spread smiles!

2. Shake it out!

Whether you can leave the house or not, you can still move. There are loads of great tips online for getting active but one of my favourite things is the way celebrities are leading free, online sessions. Always fancied learning to dance? Well, what better time than now?! Strictly star Oti Mabuse has started streaming free dance classes for adults and children on her You Tube channel.

If you fancy something a little less structured why not just put a great song on and dance! Year’s ago my friend Jenny and I discovered the perfect tune for doing just that. If you’re having a bad day, putting on Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine and going a little wild to it is the perfect remedy. Try it, you might just like it!

For a calmer way of moving why not try a free, online yoga classes? My lovely friend Becky, aka The Humble Warrior, has started running free 30 minute yoga sessions every Monday and Thursday at 17.30. You can find our more about how to take part here.

3. Get planning for future adventures

The world is changing in a way that few of us have ever experienced before. There’s no denying that some things will change and never be the same again. But, when this is all over, that may give us a whole new world to explore.

Hopefully, the environment will benefit from us all shifting the way we work and live. I hope we will take notice and learn from the changes which happen. And mostly I hope we will be eternally grateful for the beautiful world we live in.

It is so easy to get caught in the spiral bad news and the social media diatribe. If you find yourself caught in this cycle it’s time to switch off and start planning for a wonderful future. This downtime gives us all the chance to make some big decisions about what we really want from life.

So, when we all emerge from the cocoons which we must now make, what will your future adventures be? Are you going to make the most of all you have and live the life you truly want?!

4. Smell the spring air

As I write this we in England are not in lockdown. I suspect this may soon change and we don’t know exactly what that will look like. Hopefully solo exercise outdoors will still be allowed and if so that will be incredibly important for many of us.

As we enter Spring, with flowers and trees bursting forth with colour, getting outside, however we can, will be so important for our mental and physical health. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time to discover every nook and cranny of it.

The Wildlife Trusts website has some lovely ideas for exploring nature with your children here. You could also spend time getting those flower beds looking amazing (buying your plants online of course). And best of all, a chat to your neighbours over the fence – from a safe distance – will be exactly what most people need right now.

No garden? People are coming up with all kinds of innovative ideas to exercise on balconies. My current favourite is this man, who spent nearly seven hours running a marathon back and forth on his balcony in France!

5. Laugh with others

Laughter may not cure Covid 19 but it’s a powerful tool to make you feel good in tough times. Connecting with friends and family digitally will be a powerful tool over the next few months. And not just connecting by telephone call. Seeing people’s faces will make a big difference. The wonderful news is there are so many ways to do this. Face Timing on What’s App or having a group video chat on Zoom or Skype, are just a couple of options available.

Why not think outside the box…board games via video call? A drink with your mates on video? The great thing is your pets get to join in too! Don’t wait for others to get in touch, reach out, make the move, have that conversation and make sure people are ok.

Covid 19  – remember it is not your world

We can’t ignore Covid 19, nor bury our heads in the sand. but we can stop it becoming the sand inside our heads. Keep looking for the positives. Tell the people you love what they mean to you. And most of all keep smiling.

If you need someone else to talk to, who can help you on a different level to friends and family, then do also get in touch with me about Life Coaching. Shameless plug here, but I have just started my Life Coaching business (and all new businesses need the odd shameless plug). I’m more than happy to chat to anyone about how it can help you through difficult times. If you would like to know more head to my new Facebook page, Shine Life Coaching or just drop me a message.

Much love to you all x

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