Running Motivation Needed!

I love running. I usually choose it over cycling purely because of the freedom and ease of it. The ability to step out of the door and just go really appeals.

Lately however I am struggling to find my run motivation. Constant injury niggles have left me reluctant to head out. Knowing that it might hurt while I’m running and will definitely hurt afterwards does not inspire me.

Conflicting Feelings

I have a half marathon booked for next week. Out running a few weeks ago a sudden sharp pain shot up my hip. Being the sensible runner I am, I carried on for another quarter of a mile. My logic was that the pain may go away as suddenly as it had appeared. It didn’t. I limped home sadly.

At that point I was gutted that I would have to rest and may miss the half. All runners hate being injured. Resting is an evil word but rest I did. I focused on cycling and began to do half an hour of pilates each day. To my delight this worked. My hip seems to be better, although my sciatica is still constantly present, so I can run again.

Except I don’t want to! When I couldn’t run I wanted to and now I am indoors writing this.

Physical Help

There is clearly a problem with my back. Sciatica pain plagues me most of the time although it goes away when I am cycling. The hip pain was most likely a side effect of this. Daily pilates is strengthening my core and is actually very enjoyable. I put on some plinky plonky music, engage my abdominals and enjoy!

I am always reluctant to visit the doctor. When I’m ill or injured I usually figure I will be better before I get an appointment. There is definitely a part of me that hates to admit weakness and going to the doctor would feel as if I was giving in.

Physio would be perfect but it does eat into your budget  when you only work three days a week. However, last time I was injured I was looked after excellently by Radcliffe Physiotherapy. Sooner or later I am going to have to give in and get some help.

Reasons To Go Running

Recognising and acknowledging my lack of motivation is one think, changing my mind set is another. It’s time to give myself some mental motivation.

Breaking New Trail: It’s boring running on the same tracks every day. I enjoy running the most when I can plot a route and discover new sights. Last year, when training, for my ultra run, a big part of the fun was getting the OS map out and mapping my trail.

A New Running Buddy: When we went to choose a rescue dog his ability to run with me was high on my tick list. I took Brew for his first run earlier this week and he was a star. He trotted along side me with ease and I know he will be able to gradually build up his distances. My aim is to enter the Beachy Head Marathon with him later this year, so we both need to get training!

It Will Come Back

All runners go through a lack of motivation at some point. It is easy to look at social media posts and think everyone else is finding it easy to go out. Really, we tend to only post about the good times and gloss over the tough ones.

My mojo will come back. The truth is a couple of missed runs are not the end of the world. I have still laced up my trainers a couple of times this week. It’s ok not to always feel like going out but it will feel so much better when I do.

Never Miss An Adventure!

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  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for your latest post, Cadi.

    I love running but agree that motivation can occasionally wain, often inexplicably.

    I hope you recapture your running mojo again soon.

    Katie x

    1. An Adventurous Girl says:

      Thank you Katie. I think I need to be a little less hard on myself. I’m getting lots of walking in with our new dog and went kayaking this morning, which is a fairly new thing for me! I hope you are well x

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