Merry Christmas From An Adventurous Girl!

Merry Christmas To All You Lovely Readers!

Merry Christmas and thank you to you all for joining me on the start of a new and exciting journey in 2016.

Next year is already starting to shape up nicely and I can see I will be busy, busy, busy getting outside and sharing my adventures.

But this year isn’t over yet and there is still time for a few more adventures. I am looking forward to using the Christmas break to get some long runs and rides in. Mainly to earn calorie rewards for all the food and drink I will be consuming!

On Christmas Day we always go for a short family run before breakfast. Some sort of Christmas oChristmas Day Runutfit is compulsory and it is a lovely way to start the day.

As we run through the village we always bump into dog walkers and other villagers setting off to spend the day with relatives. Cheery greetings are exchanged before we head back for family time.

This year my sister and
sister in law aren’t with us for Christmas, as they are out in America celebrating with Em’s family. So, I am sharing with you our family run picture from two years ago.

Admittedly I look a little reluctant in this photo but I am pretty sure I was just cold and wanted a mulled wine!

2017 Goals!

Next year I am hoping to set some new long distance running goals and enter at least one off road marathon. I will be spending some time cycling in Cuba and hope to pack some more travel in too.

My other big goal is to expand this blog and share it with more people. Writing and social media are big passions of mine and have bought amazing things into my life.

Here is where I am going to ask for a teeny Christmas gift from you; if you enjoy my blog posts and pictures throughout the year I would love if you would share them. Read something I write which you think your friends might be interested in? Or just see a picture I put up and think it’s attractive? Any shares will be much appreciated.

I’m also really keen to hear more from you! It’d great when people comment and share on my posts, so don’t be shy. It’s always brilliant when people contact me just as they are starting out on their fitness or adventure journey’s and I’m more than happy to give tips and encouragement.

Let me know what your challenges and adventures are for 2017, I can’t wait to be inspired with new ideas!

Never Miss An Adventure!

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