Mini Adventure – Alpkit Big Shakeout Trail Run

The Alpkit Big Shakeout Festival

This weekend I am at the Alpkit Big Shakeout Festival. A packed weekend of outdoor activities, films, speakers and general fun times!

I’m not big on camping but am happy to endure the damp etc for fun times with friends.

Having been reasonably sensible on the beer last night a group of us headed out on the trails for a 12.5 mile trail run.

When I used to go walking in the Peak District I would look enviously at fell runners, springing past me and disappearing into the distance. I wanted to be able to do what they can do. The truth is I could do it. I always could, I just needed to pluck up the courage to give it a go.

Now I am one of the people I once admired. Feeling the freedom of speed on the trails.

Today’s Run

Despite my sister managing to suddenly and closely inspect the ground, causing a fair amount of bleeding, we all had an awesome time.

Running, for me, is about fun. Forget racing for the line and checking your average speed. This is about hopping stones, scrambling rocks, squelching through bogs and gasping at the views.

It was no easy run but it certainly was fun and good training for the Beachy Head Marathon in a few weeks time.

Whether you run, walk or do a bit of both; it doesn’t matter how long it takes, get outside and enjoy the view!

Never Miss An Adventure!

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