A Restless Sportswoman

I am a very restless sportswoman at the moment. Having finally succumbed to the dreaded, change of season cold, I am unimpressed.

Optimistic Start

Whenever I first start to feel ill I convince myself that, if I rest for a day, it will go away. So, last Monday, when my throat was a little sore, I was sure I would be better by Wednesday. I did a nice steady 5 mile run on Monday night then rested Tuesday. Maybe I would have been sensible Wednesday but a tough day at work saw me heading for running therapy once more.

I did enjoy my short run that night. Head torch on, I headed into the darkness of the countryside around my parents house. Mentally I needed it but physically I perhaps needed to rest.

Thursday came and I knew this was not going to just go away. Grrrrr!

Restless Sportswoman

I have now spent the past five days resting and gradually feeling more ill. I must stress that my idea of resting is to not raise my heartrate too much. Instead of going out running I walk everywhere. A few miles to the shops and back, at least once a day. Cycling instead of driving but not actually going on an official bike ride. Cooking, cleaning, making Christmas gifts; anything but just sitting in front of the television.

I have a real fear of losing fitness and condition. In truth I am also scared of gaining weight. As soon as I am unable to get out and run or cycle I lose a bit of who I am.  Sportswoman is not a term I would have used for myself in the past. I was a woman who exercised. But I am slowly realising that I need to stop with the negativity and accept my achievements in life.

Tomorrow I Will Exercise

This is what I have told myself each day. Then each following day my body has said no. I have developed the most charming cough, which I’m sure Jamie finds endearing and my workmates were not at all annoyed by all day today! And now; stomach cramps, possibly related to the cough?!

So Should I Be Resting?

Having done some reading up I have found the advice that if you are ill from the neck up, it is ok to still exercise. Although you do need to listen to your body on this one. The only time this is not safe is if you have a fever. If you exercise when you have a fever it can, in extreme cases, cause the virus to move to the heart. The NHS website has a pretty good article on Exercising In Winter.

At the very least I will be heading to Yogalates on Wednesday. I am so keen to try something new. And perhaps, just perhaps, I will be well enough for a little run tomorrow. I do hope so, otherwise I will have to do the vacuuming!


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