Autumn Walking

Today’s adventure was going to be a long run but this morning my body told me it just didn’t want to do that. There are times you have to push yourself and times you just have to listen to your body. So we decided to borrow my parents dog, Sprite, and go for a long autumn walk instead.

The colours of autumn

I was so glad we did as the countryside is just so lovely at this time of year. The greens of summer are still there but the glorious colours of autumn are starting to seep through. Conkers were everywhere, some falling onto our head, and we just had to collect a few handfuls en route, ready for a competition later in the day!

I also managed to indulge in one of my favourite hobbies – pony hugging! An obliging chestnut Shetland pony allowed me to indulge in exchange for a couple of handfuls of grass.

Sprite managed to drag us into a pub (she really is a bad influence) where we sat by the fire and shared a bowl of chips. You really can’t beat a village pub and it was lovely to sit and chat with the locals before heading back for a cuppa and a snooze.

I’m so glad I changed my adventure today, sometimes a change of pace is all you need.

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  1. Pony hugging is one of our favourite hobbies too!
    You are so right; one needs to trust the wisdom of their bodies. Look forward to your upcoming blogs!

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